Products that are certified safe and tested to rigorous standards.

Swim safely with Heliocol! Heliocol solar pool heating systems are certified to be safe for you and the environment. Heliocol solar pool heating panels are manufactured with the highest quality, medical grade plastics to ensure that the water coming from our collectors is safe, clean and tested to rigorous standards.

    In fact, we’re one of the few solar pool heating manufacturers to be certified NSF-50 for health, safety and reliability. The National Sanitation Foundation Standard 50 ensures that Heliocol and SunStar solar pool heaters perform reliably and without unacceptable levels of contaminants. Heliocol is additionally tested and certified by the Florida Solar Energy Center, the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanics Officials, and the International Standards Organization. Only those companies performing at the highest levels in their industries have the ability to meet these demanding requirements. What do these certifications mean to you? Simply that Heliocol offers ultimate peace of mind. Swim safely, swim with confidence, swim with Heliocol.

Heliocol's Production
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