Heliocol Versus Mother nature

Resists powerful winds Stand up to hurricanes

Despite extensive damage to the roof of these Florida structure following Hurricanes Charlie in 2004, the Heliocol solar collectors remained intact. Heliocol’s patented individual tube design allows extreme high and low pressure areas surrounding the panel to equalize. This virtually eliminates lift meaning the heliocol system can withstand most hurricanes force winds without a single strap across its panels.

Defies moisture build up Quick Evaporation

Heliocol’s open tube collectors allow for proper evaporation of rain and moisture ,keeping the roof surface dry and healthy. This feature also makes Heliocol the most appropriate panel for flat roofs

Endures thermal changes
Heliocol’s patented mounting system and unique design allow for natural expansion and conraction from temperature changes. Instead of buckling or degrading the roof like other systems, Heliocol withstands significant thermal changes.

Heliocol's Production
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