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Advanced robotic manufacturing technology.

 For more than 30 years, Heliocol has worked in partnership with Magen eco-Energy, our manufacturing plant. Since 1973, Magen eco-Energy has been at the forefront of new and improved eco-product technology growing into a world leader specializing in the R&D, production, and marketing of ecological, economical solutions for each of its major product lines: solar heating for swimming pools, water quality and purification control, industrial and agricultural heat exchangers and pre-heating solutions. Heliocol continues to be the flagship of our product lines, outselling every other solar pool heating system worldwide.

    The Magen eco-Energy manufacturing plant is located in Israel, the nation that pioneered the widespread use of solar water heating. More than 90 percent of Israel’s homes have rooftop solar water heaters and Israeli engineers are globally recognized for their cutting-edge innovations in solar technology.

    Advanced robotic technology allows us to create seamless, leak-proof solar collectors. This unique over-molding injection process is superior in its field, giving Heliocol a competitive advantage for more than 30 years. This innovative design makes Heliocol solar pool heating panels safe, reliable and ultra-efficient.

    Our modern, fully automated production plant covers more than 2.5 acres and works at capacity around the clock. A manufacturing workforce of more than 200 includes highly qualified engineers who are constantly researching and developing new, environmentally responsible products. As a result, our creative R&D team has an impressive portfolio of registered international patents and intellectual property assets.

Heliocol's Production
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