What are the components?

What parts are used in a Heliocol solar pool heating system.

       Every component of a Heliocol system is manufactured from the same surgical-grade plastic. Using a unique?injection overmolding process, our patented and specially-engineered components are designed to be part of asafe, maintenance-free solar pool heating system.

       Unlike other solar pool heating systems, Heliocol doesn’t require rubber hoses or metal clamps as part of its?installation. Rubber hoses deteriorate over time while our heavy-duty plastic components are designed to last through nature’s elements and your pool’s chemicals. And unlike metal clamps, which need to be tightened and adjusted each year, Heliocol’s plastic clamps require zero maintenance.

       There are three Heliocol components to each system—collectors, collector kits and row kits. The Heliocol collectors are the large panels used for collecting heat from the sun to heat the water flowing through the system. Collector kits contain the parts necessary to connect the collectors together and mount them on the installation surface. A row kit is required for each row of collectors. It contains the parts necessary to connect the collectors to the feed and return lines or collector header.

       Heliocol collector and row kits include end caps, patented Gator clamps and plastic panel clamps. A pump, usually the existing pool pump, is all that is required to force water through the Heliocol solar heating system and back into the pool.

Heliocol's Production
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